Composite Solutions

Any size project, at any point in the process, we craft solutions to fit your needs.


Specializing in fabricating the highest quality parts and tooling using the latest in manufacturing processes, our composites division supports many of the most popular defense and commercial platforms in use today.

The aerospace industry, as well as many other industries, are moving toward light-weight, corrosion resistant composite materials for the next generation of manned and unmanned aircraft. Nor-Ral’s composite department continues to stay at the forefront of these developing technologies, materials and processes to continue to lead in all aspects of composite development, analysis, build, test and certification for our global customer base.

From concept to final assembly or any point in between, our expertise, facilities, and equipment allow us to effectively offer a wide array of products and services. Due to our organization’s engineering staff, 5-axis machine shop, and tooling department, our composites production has the flexibility to quickly adapt to production requirements and manufacture products that accommodate many special needs such as “Aircraft on Ground” situations.

Examples of What We Offer

  • Autoclave and Oven Cure
  • Composites Laminating (core, Prepreg, VARTM and Wet)
  • Secondary Bonding
  • Honeycomb Structures
  • Thermoforming
  • Press Molding
  • Assemblies
  • Painting/Finishing

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